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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions can be found here:

  • How far can I get on one charge?

    Minimum: 30 km

    Maximum: 100 km?

    The range of electric bikes can vary, but most riders are able achieve 30 to 40km per charge.

    One of the main factors in determining how far you can travel on a single charge is how much assistance you provide. Obviously, the more pedaling you do, the less strain on the battery and the more range you’ll achieve. Keep in mind, ‘pedal-assist’ bikes have higher ratings and achieve more range than throttle-controlled bikes because the rider is required to pedal at all times.

    Another factor that can have a big impact is terrain. If you live in a hilly area or have lots of steep inclines – expect less range from your e-bike. Larger riders or people carrying heavy loads can also expect reduced output.

    Battery capacity is measured in Watt Hours, as a rough guide 100 watt hours will give you 10km of riding. A 36v15ah battery gives you (36×15=) 540 Watt Hours, so you could expect around 2hrs of assisted range with a 250 watt motor.​ (100 km? )

  • Does pedalling charge the battery?

    It is possible with systems with regenerative breaking to charge the battery while pedalling. In our Citroen CZero that would sometimes give 1-2 % charge on a 1.5km downhill brake. But in a car the weight makes all the differance- higher inertia @ kinetic energy. With the bikes 20 kg and your 80kg there simply is not enough store anything downhill.

    The regenerative componentry in Magic pies,Smartpies etc are also heavier. Our hubmotors weigh 2.8 kg - the 'magic' ones from 7,3-9,1 kg. It's much more efficient and cheaper to plug your bike in a charge it, than to use pedal power. 20c of electricity would be about $20 worth of food if you were to pedal!

  • How long will the battery last?

    Minimum: 700 charges

    Maximum: 2000+ charges?

    Battery life will vary depending on the type of battery you choose and how well you maintain it. Typically, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries last anywhere from 700-1000 charges. Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries around 1500 to 2000 charges.

    When we test and shop for components we know from experience that the quality of the cells is all important. The world around us sadly evolves more and more towards PRICE -and to that extent the Chinese excel. We could buy batteries which would do only 300 cycles - for next to no money. It would make our Kits and bikes very cheap, the battery being the biggest cost driver.

    Our batteries are always branded (Samsung ) and come with a warranty. This gives us peace of mind and guarantees you have a battery which will last many years- not months.

    To extend the life of your battery, charge the battery regularly and promptly after each use. NEVER LEAVE YOUR BATTERY FLAT! The longer a battery sits uncharged, the faster the life will be reduced. Fully charge and unplug your battery from the bike before you go on holiday or put the bike in storage. Charge the battery every 2 months even if you are not using it..​

  • Where can I test-ride a ONYA?



    At your home

    Good call - it’s the best way to find your next ride. Try as many models , brands as you can. Please visit our competitors too, your comfort and pleasure is paramount - hopefully you’ll be riding your bike every day, being healthy, good to the environment and happy with the savings you make.

    At our stores in Waiheke and Newmarket, you can test-ride all our products with various combinations of options and obtain lots of advice from us personally. We stock and retail the biggest brands in NZ (Smart motion, Pedego, Volto ).

    Or test a bike close at your home: we will also deliver an ONYA to your home for a week long test ride with no strings attached. Find out more about how this works here, or by calling us on the phone on 022 050 2233 or sending an e-mail to us at

  • Is it possible to transport cargo, and if so, how?

    Front basket

    Rear pannier


    A great variety of different cargo systems can be mounted on ONYA frames. ONYA offers you the following solutions;

    Front-mounted Klickfix adapter: For bags and baskets made with the well-known Klickfix system by Rixen und Kaul; takes weights of up to. 7 kg.

    Rear-mounted Klickfix adapter: This fastens to the seat post and can hold bags made for up to 10 kg.

    Rear-wheel luggage rack with wheels: Also suitable for cargo bags. It will haul up to 25 kg.

    ONYA bikes are also suitable for pulling trailers. In fact, some of our customers say that they do this particularly well!

  • Why buy a ONYA folding bike over a regular non-folding bike?

    Easy to take anywhere

    Riding a bike is good for your health and environment but most of us can't fit in the time to ride our bikes. In most urban areas it gets cumbersome and time consuming to bring your bike with you where ever you go. You'd have to fit your bike in the back of the car trunk or spend time and money to install a bike rack that can easily cost an additional $200 or more.

    With a ONYA F-19 folding bike, it's easy to bring your bike with you anywhere you go by folding/un-folding it in less than 15 seconds!

  • Why Buy a ONYA?

    For the smiles

    There's a ton of reasons we can think of why you should consider and buy a ONYA folding bike. Here's the top 10 reasons:

    1. Quality build with name brand components tested by us in NZ with 1000’s of riders in all conditions.

    2. Best for commuters due to our lightweight aluminium frame which is small and easy to fold and unfold in 15 seconds.

    3. Small enough to store in the trunk of your car and carry on a bus, train or boat /camper.

    4. No need to spend extra money for a bike rack.

    5. Easy to manoeuvre compared to a 26″ /29” wheel bikes makes it comfortable and fun to ride.

    6. Every bike is inspected through our rigorous 21 Point Quality Inspection and Road Test prior to shipping to your door.

    7. Prevent global warming and help save the earth by going green while saving you a bundle of $

    8. Re-sale, we stand by our products and have set Buyback schemes in place.

    9. Bring it with you anywhere, fitness, exercise, shopping, to work, to school, recreation and travel.

    10. Great for health and staying in shape.

  • Are ONYA good for kids?


    Yes, if they are above the height of 142 centimetres (4 feet 8 inches) thanks to our quick release seat post and handlebar that allow you to adjust the height of the saddle and handlebars based on the riders height.

  • How many colours does it come in?

    The ONYA F-19 currently comes in 4 colours: white, green, black and orange. We will be adding more colours based on customer requests.

    Tell us what colour you prefer.

  • Why no front suspension/ forks ?

    Lower weight

    Stable steering

    Weight- is one factor, but actually we see no need. With those very FAT tyres the ride is already ‘suspended’. The forks we see on the market come with much play after a short period of use, giving tricky steering.

  • Why does the ONYA use 20” wheels?




    In our opinion, 20”-diameter wheels offer a lot of benefits, with decisive—advantages over their larger relatives:

    - They’re lighter and more stable.

    - They make acceleration easier.

    - Smaller wheels make possible a greater variety of more compact frame designs.

    The best known foldable brand Brompton uses 16’ wheels, the biggest selling brand Dahon, uses 20’. It just so happens that our frame is based on a Dahon S-18 -so we have 20’’ wheels. After extensive testing we believe that this gives the best compromise .

  • Will I have traction and speed with the small wheels?

    The tyre contact patch square is actually bigger than on most other bicycles. This is because we choose to equip the F-19 with FAT 1.95’ wide section tyres to provide a wider contact patch. The result gives us great adherence, and a very comfortable ride.

    An extra advantage is the torque the 250watt hub motor can muster is greater with the smaller wheel (de facto lower gearing).

    A small disadvantage is that on a freewheeling downhill section the bike will be marginally slower. Just like a BMX bike though, you will be able to outmanoeuvre some bigger wheel bikes on the twisty sections.

  • Don’t small wheels make you pedal more?

    This is a widespread misconception that we can prove 100% false.

    Pedalling speed (more precisely: pedalling rate, or cadence) is exactly the same as with big wheels. We compensate for the smaller circumference of the 20” wheels (ca. 1.30 m as opposed to 2.00 m in 28” bikes) by using a commensurately larger front chain ring.

    The crucial factor in the pedalling rate is “metres of development”. That’s the distance in metres that you travel in one revolution of the pedal crank. This distance results from the ratio between the front chain ring and the rear sprocket (combined with the hub gear ratios in bikes with hub gears), and finally, from the circumference of the wheel.

    So on a 20” bike with appropriate gear ratios, you can always go the same speed at exactly the same cadence as you can on a bike with much larger wheels.

  • Why are other brands limiting the rider weight to 70 or 90 kg ?

    No idea

    We are at a loss to the reason behind this. In our testing period we had riders weighing as much as 127 kg riding around Waiheke Island. And we have purposefully spec our bikes with thicker (12 gauge spokes) to accommodate up 125kg riders.

    It aligns with the concern we also have for many of the MTB’s sold with the chains. They wear a sticker “not for off road use” - which is clearly in contradiction with the intended purpose of the knobby tyres.

  • Why can’t shock-absorbed seat posts and saddles be used?

    They can. Call us

    We do offer suspended seat posts - please call us, they are great for people with sensitive backs.

  • Aren’t ONYA bikes bigger and heavier than other folding bikes?

    Bigger? Yes

    Heavier? No

    Yes They are bigger. But still between 5-10 kg lighter because of the attention to detail and quality of construction. When folded though still only 40x70x80 cm. This bigger frame fits riders from 130cm to 200cm, because of the way the saddle and steering fork angle outwards.

    Our background riding bicycles was gained in Denmark, Belgium and Holland, and we cannot conceive why the KIWI should ride small asian sizes. It’s an often occurring theme in our shops to see newly purchased bikes from other bike shops that are at least 1 size to small for the rider. Is this because these big chains have gained space in their containers, by supplying smaller bikes ?

  • Will there be other ONYA models available?

    Coming Soon

    Yes, we are always testing new bike designs, frames, colours and configurations. So be sure to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page or become a fan on Facebook or Twitter as we will announce our next ONYA models and colours.

  • Why do they cost what they do?

    Quality control

    Constant improvement

    We produce our bikes in China, as do 80% of bicycle manufacturers in the world. Lots a really good bikes get made there (Pedego, Avanti, Smart motion, Trek etc). But also a lot of junk comes from there.

    Part of the price is made up of our time checking assembly line, constantly upgrading the way it comes together. A big part is consumed by the samsung cells, something like 25% of cost. We still do most things by hand, only the winding of our motors and the lacing of the wheels is done by a machine.

    Since we knew most of our first customers personally, we were able to optimise the end product literally from one bike on the line to the next. In 2014 Ecyclesnz invested over $25,000 building up our experiences, expertise and range.

  • I've lost the User Manual for my ONYA-F19 !

    Not really a question, but no worries! You can download pdf copies of both the User Manual and Specification Sheets here:

  • Payment options
    Online & Instore

    In store

    We accept the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and Discover. At our stores we also accept cash and eftpos payments.

  • Secure ordering


    We use SSL to encrypt our web pages. SSL is the leading standard for encrypting and transmitting sensitive data over the web.

    When you see "https" rather than "http" in your browser's address window, you are exchanging encrypted data with our server. This will prevent outsiders from obtaining any credit card information or personal data as it is sent to our servers.

  • Order confirmations

    < 48 hrs

    Shortly after placing your order, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your order.

    You will receive a second email when your order has shipped. Please save these emails and invoices for your records.

    If you do not receive an email confirmation within 48hrs of placing your order, please do contact us by phone at 0220502233 anytime - it’s important to us to leave you with a good experience, so we want to know asap if things have gone amiss.

  • How do I cancel my order?

    022 050 2233

    If you need to cancel the order you just placed please contact us on 022 050 2233 as soon as you can so we can cancel your shipment.

    Please note once your order leaves our warehouse you can not cancel your order. A 20% restocking will apply to orders canceled.

  • How long does it take to ship my bike after I place the order?

    2 - 5 Days

    We ship via Courier Post insured. The delivery time is usually between 2 - 5 business days. We will email the tracking number once the order leaves our warehouse.

  • What should I do if the bike arrived damaged?

    022 050 2233

    If your bike arrived damaged please contact us with in 24 hours or one business day at 022 050 2233. Please make sure that you keep the original shipping carton as we will need it to make a claim with the courier.

  • Assembly required upon arrival?



    Pre-ride check

    Although packed for shipment, your ONYA F-19 will arrive approximately 95% assembled. All you have to do is unpack, unfold, and follow the easy instruction in the manual available here. Click here for more information.

  • What is the warranty on ONYA bikes?

    Frame + Fork = 5 years

    Original parts = 1 year

    Your ONYA bikes comes with a 5 year warranty on its frame and fork to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.

    ONYA also warranties all original parts on the bicycle (excluding chain, tires, and inner tubes) for a period of one year from the original owner and date of purchase.

    To request for a warranty replacement. Please contact us at 022 050 2233.



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Thank you Gary for making us feel so welcome. We have thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Waiheke. The electric assist bicycles from ECyclesNZ in Oneroa was the best way to truly see and experience the island. From the wonderful meals, to the kind hospitality. You truly have a jewel of a B & B. Thanks so much Beth and Jim


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